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Life Journey, Change Of Seasons

With every change of season, we are moving forward. Life is a journey, the experiences we have is unique. Sometimes we loose, sometimes we gain. Life is like that. We have to admit it. We are no special.

Are you seeking happiness? A happy life is achieved by applying God's word in our life. Never look back, go forward and be optimistic. Because God's Word The Bible assures us a better future in paradise.

Withing Flowers Coffee Mug
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Times Have Changed

Times have changed so do the people. Once taboo is the norm today. There is a radical degradation of moral values. The young generation immersed in video games and smartphones which take most of their time. They are being drawn to foolish things by the overdose of social media. What can make a change?

From the Bible's perspective, one needs to understand life in a very different way.  Many don't believe there is a God and if there is one he has a divine purpose about the earth and humans. People are forced to think that God is not concerned about our everyday life and his away from us. But as per the Bible that is not true. If you have got time just read the following verse from your Bible. James 4:8. 

Have a Nice Day!

Elephant With Brown Color Coffee Mug

Kids love animals, especially cartoon ones. Cartoon animals make them laugh. They dearly appreciate the animal gifts which portraits funny animals. They cherish these gifts.  I gave him a brown chocolate color to make the elephant cute in this coffee mug. Children love chocolates and elephants.

Chocolate Elehant Coffee Mug

Let The Ducks Fly, It's Their World Too

Let the ducks fly. Freedom is for everybody. Don't shoot them down. It's their world too.

Flying Ducks T-Shirt

Decent Proposal

Cartoon Diary 2019 Give an interesting gift here
Funny Bear Coffee Mug

Do Not Be Afraid, Trust GOD

We all want nice things to happen in our life. That's the expectation. When things come against our expectations, we are naturally inclined to think that God has forsaken us. Or he must have forgotten us. That's the moment when people turn away from GOD.

Being realistic in life is the best thing you can do to continue as a God fearing person. Yes, a balance of mind is required. Think about Jesus Christ. He suffered a lot. But he stood faithfully till his death at the torture stake. That's a good lesson for us. Follow his footsteps closely. If something drastic happens in your life, do not be afraid. Do your best to save the situation. But do not fall prey to false assumptions that God has forgotten us or anything like that. He still remembers us. Jesus later resurrected by his father the supreme god Jehovah and gave him all the authorities in heaven.

God can interfere in our life but not as per our expectations. Be patient and wait for him. He can do only good things to u…

Interesting things happen all of a sudden

Dog Surprise Coffee Mug

A new coffee mug with a little dog looking surprised.