See The Marvelous Creation Around Us To Think About It

Horse powered coffee mug
by giftsfunshop I request you to observe GOD's marvelous creation around us. There is an unquestionable intelligence behind each of those creation wonders telling us the existence of a purposeful GOD. Everything natural beings we see around is so good and perfect and point towards GOD with a purpose, who made everything right at the right time.

If you are going to explain the world without GOD, then we need theories, a lot of theories. Every theory creates a new theory because it fails to explain some vital points about life. One day all these theories will finally point to a GOD.

So there is only one answer to the important question, why we are here? The answer is so simple because GOD created us. Meditate upon it. Think about GOD and his purpose. Read the Bible, hope you will find greater insight into his purpose and our existence. Have a Wonderful Day.

Attention Children's Authors

Attention all children's authors. Are you finding it difficult to market your book for children? Writing and Marketing are two different things. You have written an excellent picture book or a book for tanagers. But the real challenge comes when you are trying to sell it. One way of promoting your work is by getting it reviewed by others.   Now you can publicize your work though the children's website. Write your own review about your book and submit it to

Puffing and Puffing You Little Old Train

Steam Engine T-Shirt
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Here is a poem for Kids, I wrote about a little train. 

Where are you going my old little train?
Puffing and puffing, you are making the move Go Ahead and sea the places Comeback and tell your story. Love you 
Read a story about old little steam engine.

Have A Great Weekend

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Our short life has many surprises. Good and Bad, Small and Big they come and go. As the time withers away we get older and older. A day will come we have to say goodbye to the world. Before that let's make others happy. Wish you all a great weekend.

Horse Mug From Giftsfunshop

A lovely nice horse mug from giftsfunshop. A gift idea for horse lovers.

Funny Horse Coffee Mug
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Announcement Of A New Kids Stories Website

Hi Readers, I am happy to introduce you to our new website for kids. The sole purpose of this website to bring good stories to kids that sparks their creativity and imagination. If you have a good story you can contribute by visiting the contact us page.

Life Journey, Change Of Seasons

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by giftsfunshop With every change of season, we are moving forward in life. Life is a journey, the experiences we have is unique. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we gain. Life is like that, we have to admit it. We are no special in this big world. Face reality and think practical.

Are you seeking happiness? Applying God's word in our life is the key to happiness. I may sound old fashioned about referring GOD's word here. But that's the truth. Never look back, go forward and be optimistic. Because God's Word The Bible assures us a better future in paradise. Have A Wonderful Day!