Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Infinite Loop Of Learning and Unlearning

To learn something, unlearn something!

On Learning

Let me begin with a common scenario. An inquisitive young boy grabs a toy. What do you expect? Play? Yes, he will start playing. But you just can't expect he will go on playing with that toy. Because sooner or later he will make that into pieces. What's the psychology behind that? Yes the curiosity prompted him to do such action. He wants to know how the toy is made up of or what makes the toy moving or making sound.

All of us have an urge to learn new things. When we see something new, we ask many questions to get satisfying answers. Yes, that's learning. In that perspective, learning is a life long process. Age doesn't matter. Keep on learning and we discover new things and a reason to go ahead.

Knowledge as we have it today has been subjected to constant interaction of culture, religion and science. It is from Generation after Generation.  As humans, we have amazed lot of knowledge on different subjects and the hunting it is still continuing.

On Unlearning

To complete the learning process, there is lot of unlearning is sometimes involved. That's how the science has been progressing all the way to our times. Old theories made way to new theories and still it may change. This is how we should see it. To learn new things, we have to unlearn old things with an open mind. This is the most difficult part for many people as they tend to become adamant as they they get older. As many think they are themselves masters about the subject, it's a false positive. Never get into that attitude as it will ruin your career and will have a very bad effect on your personal life. People will see you as arrogant and they will get distanced from you.

Life is a great teacher and during the journey of life many of our assumptions may found to be wrong and we are required change our assumptions and even attitudes. People who are open to such unlearning will emerge as ultimate winners.

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