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Not for the faint-hearted

PowerLifter Mug
PowerLifter Mug

The mug features a rat who is full of confidence about what he is doing. Overconfidence is harmful to over health. We might be doing something that is beyond our capacity to please others. That's a trap. So be courageous and do what is right. But at the same time have a balance of mind in everything you do. Take time to consider the good and bad of the tasks at hand. Take care.


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God's Word

When things go out of our hands, there are two ways people respond. Some accept the reality as it is while some others start hating everything.  Why people to respond to such difficult situations differently? It might be their cultural or religious background.

Whatever the circumstances you are in, there is a sure way to get along with the hard reality. Applying Bible principles in our lives set an ambiance of positivity. Bible principles are powerful is a rich source of blessings from GOD. Accepting the Bible to take decisions in your daily life can have a profounding effect on your life. Start reading it daily to find Gems that can turn your life into a more productive manner. Wish you all the very Best.

Decent Proposal

Cartoon Diary 2019 Give an interesting gift here
Funny Bear Coffee Mug

Sometimes it's OK to depend upon somebody who's weaker than us.

A new book cover design template for a children's book cover idea. The mighty elephant is seeking help from a bird. The Elephant is mighty but depends on a small bird who flies ahead of him to warn him about any dangers that lie ahead.