Friday, October 23, 2015

Fear of Aliens

aliens fear

The fear of aliens is deeply rooted in many scientific minded people. Majority believe that aliens in other planets is keeping a watchful eye upon us and can do harm to humans.

In an attempt to communicate (provoke?) Aliens, scientific community is continuing its probe to find them spending lot of money. They strongly believe that Aliens can communicate with humans. Artists have added their imagination in creating awful creatures. Many movies have been made that shows alien invasion.

Aliens, do they exist? 

I feel looking for life in other planets is like searching for a proof for our own existence. All the money spent in searching for Aliens will be just to reveal that there is nothing exists in the life form in the universe except in our earth. Earth is the only place where life can come into being. The rest of the assumptions are purely the outcome of trying to explain life without a creator.

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