Friday, December 4, 2015

Best Things in Life

best things in lifeHow do you define Quality of life? You can classify people into two broad categories based on their reactions to things that are happening around them. Broad and narrow Mindedness. People with a broad mindset are often easy to accommodate and show a clear proof of leadership skills while narrow minded people are hard to adjust and succumbs to sudden outburst of their feelings.Narrow minded people think only of themselves, they don't take any advice or suggestions but are forceful in giving advice and suggestions. When their ego hurts, they turn violent.

 Patience is a great virtue everyone should try to cultivate. In this busy and chaotic world, it is rare to spot people with patience. Modern society lacks this virtue and we see many people often get upset every now and then for very silly matters. Why not set a good example for others to follow by adopting to a new lifestyle that demonstrates patience?

Sometimes, it is hard to cope up with certain situations in life, but having a realistic approach one should be able to adjust with that.

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