Saturday, December 12, 2015

Global Warming, The Worry Of Our Future Generation

Everybody is worried about this. This is going to be a hot debate over the years to come and can change our lifestyle and the way we depend our environment. Yes, we are talking about the Global warming, that is not any more a new terminology for many of us.

Most of us are directly or indirectly affected by it that silently taking its toll around the world in the form of flash floods, Earth Quakes, Tsunami and rising sea levels. The after effects are making life miserable for many people. At the first place, the question that arise is why is happening what is the cause? The one line answer is this.
It is the outcome of unending exploitation of natural resources in a way to quench the greediness of humans.
The relevant question to ponder over is this? Are we loosing control over our environment? It seems the answer is "Yes". Global warming is showing a disturbing trend in our recent times with the sudden outburst of natural disasters around the world. Please share your take on Global warming?

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