Monday, September 26, 2016

Inkscape A Great Companion For Graphic Design

Image created in Inkscape vector software
Inkscape is a great opensource software that can be used to produce some amazing graphics illustration. It's ideal for you if you don't have money to buy expensive graphics software. For quite a few years I have been experimenting with Inkscape learning new techniques on how to create vector images nicely.

What is Vector ?

Ordinary image types tends to loose resolution when they are resized to a higher size. This makes them unusable in certain situation where a large scaling is required. Unlike images that are of the type jpeg,png, vector images retains their resolution whatever the size you resize them. That's the basic characteristic of a vector image which makes it very useful in the print and digital media. Inkscape has some great features through which you can create stunning vector images. All you should know is the basic understanding of how vector images can be manipulated using various tools available in the software.

Recently I started submitting my illustrations to shutterstock. For vector submissions, we are required to upload both a jpg file and an eps file. Jpg file conversion is not available in the Inkscape. What I am doing now is first export the image to png format and using mspaint I open the .png file and save it in jpg format. It is very easy. Vector files are stored in Inkscape using svg format. But to upload to shutterstock I need to upload both .jpg and .eps files a the same time. I needed to convert the .svg format to .eps format. It is also very simple. Simply save the svg file as .eps format. So far my experience is great with the Inkscape and would like to learn more. You can review my shutterstock image set here.

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