Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Logical Perspective and a New Perspective to understand what Life is all about.


Thinking Logically

A Scientist has a different thought stream, relates everything that's around him or her with the science.  Logical thinking is what they call it. Logical thinking leads to discovering new theories explore the unexplored to find more about life and its surroundings.  To define science it is an effort in explaining the nature and the rules governing it by way of observation and experiments.

A New Perspective? 

In the logical perspective the question that's still not surely answered by science is that how come these rules came into existence without somebody intelligently defined them and implemented? That's a million dollar question science is trying to Decode. Yes, the word decode means something that's already been encoded. Modern science is able to decode DNA to some extent. DNA is decoded to read the numerous instructions that is meticulously PROGRAMMED into it. Who encoded these instructions so that we can decode them now. Think about it and you will find an answer if you think logically.

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