Thursday, September 22, 2016

Success With Shutterstock for Photographers and Graphic Designers

Is it not a good idea to earn on what you enjoy most? Many talented photographers and illustrators have found it very remunerative uploading their images to Shutterstock sit back and enjoy good money in their pockets.

Shuterstock [affiliate link] is a great place where you can earn money out by licensing out your stock photography or design elements. It's also a great place to showcase your talent, especially with its Catalogue manager you can organise your work in categories to make it more searchable for your customers. Signup and get people discover your files and get paid every time your images are downloaded. Once you signup with the site, it's time to upload your images. Some good photographers and Illustrators earn good stream of income through this micrstock site.

Becoming A Contributer

Shutterstock has changed its policy that previously required to have at least 10 approved images to become a contributor.  Now just with one image you can become a contributor. Submit one your best photograph or illustration and wait for a few minutes and check your email. If your image is approved, you will get a reply from them to that effect. If not approved, the reply will have the reason why it is not approved and you should start working on that. If you are talented, you'll get approved in the first submission itself. If you are getting a rejection mail, don't worry, after a few submission attempts most people becomes a successful contributor.

Wishing you all the best photographers and illustrators. Don't wait just signup [affiliate link] and start earning on your talent.

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